Sunday, September 16, 2012

OMG! The Bounciness!!!!!

Hehee.... this is what the Baywatch gesture, Bouncy Bewb Physics to the 10th power... and to much free time will get you.  Make sure you pee before you watch this :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bikini Boat Party - Memorial Day Weekend!

Wow.... I mean... wow!  What a party!  Ok ok... let me back up :)

About a week ago, I bought a plot of land right next to my main store, and turned it into a lagoon.  Then I went to Emerald Yachts.... and bought the "Moon Hunter Sailing Yacht".  VERY sweet boat... err... ship.   You can see it in on Marketplace HERE ... and in world HERE

Anyway... I spent the whole next week customizing her.  Hot tub, new furniture, bells, lights, horns, flags, stereo, bar... the works.  Oh yeah... and sex stuff :P  This is what she looks like now... renamed... the "Diva".

Soooo...  With the holiday weekend upon us, I decided to throw a party!  I added a dance floor... keg... disco ball and other party favorites.  I want to thank EVERYONE that came out and partied with me.  This was.. without a doubt... the BEST party I have ever been to... much less put together.   And it wasnt because of me.  It was because of all of you that came...  some of you literally LOL.

 A great big thanks needs to go out to Dani Knelstrom and all of the Danika Staff...  Jess and Satya for being totally awesome DJ's... and to everyone else that helped make this happen.

If you missed it... there was dancing, drinking, nakedness, debauchery, sweat, and sex dripping all over the boat... for 3 1/2 hours!  There weren't very many bikinis left on bodies before it was over!  Here are a few pics I took of the action.  And stay tuned... we are gonna do it again at the end of the summer...  Seeya Sexies!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blah Blah Blog...

Hehee... just looking at the blog I rarely update these days.  But stay tuned...  new stuff coming from Decadent.  Spring is upon us, and I will be releasing a whole new line of swimwear.... and some other slutty schtuff :)

Seeya! ;)