Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wheels On The Bus....

... Go round and round...
Round and Round...
Round and Round...

Hehee... I have no idea why, but that freeking song has been stuck in my head all day. Now it is stuck in yours too.

You're welcome!

Crawling Back Out

So for the last umm... year... I guess I have become pretty much of an SL recluse. I never went anywhere, never did anything, didnt talk to hardly anyone. Yeah, I always had an excuse... I was building something, or making clothing, or whatever. The fact is, my second life was falling apart around me (along with my first one) and it was easier to hide my head in the sand rather than pick myself up and make it better... because no one was going to make it better for me.

So here I am... and how do I get back to some semblance of what, and where I was? How do I get back out there? How do I approach old friends that dont talk to me anymore... because I was always busy? How do I find love... when it seems I have done my best to avoid it?

I guess that is what I will be trying to figure out over the next few weeks and months...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Party at the Full Moon Saloon - 7PM SLT - Thursday Jan27th

Yup... another event this week! There will be give-aways by DECADENT and DANIKA... and another HOT bike to be won by the winner of the... get this... BEST IN PJ's CONTEST!

Now... I normally dont wear PJ's. But if I start the night naked, it will just end bad! So... look for me in fuzzy slippers, panties, and a t-shirt. Or maybe I will find a big, pink robe somewhere and put curlers in my hair with my "no makeup" skin.

THAT will get me some action wont it?

Anyway... 7pm SLT (that's Pacific silly) this Thursday the 27th, is when it kicks off. Last week as AWESOME... we had 39 in the bar at one point, and I thought we were gonna drop the sim! It was a blast. Here are some pics:

Hope to Seeya there!


The Old "I Dont Mix SL with RL" Line...

Ok... I have been wanting to bitch about this for some time now. So here goes. It is all over SL... in 90% of the profiles you read. Shit... it's even in mine. Go figure.

We all want to keep our RL separate from what we do in SL. Or do we? Is that even possible?

I dont think so... And here is why. Each moment that a part of us is interacting with the virtual world... we are mixing it with the real one. Our eyes... they see what is on the screen. Our fingers... they touch the keyboard and send our thoughts to others. Sometimes when we LOL... we really are.

But here is the big one. The emotions that we express through our avatar... are REAL emotions. Now unless you are hiding behind the roleplay thing, or you just like fucking with other people, those emotions are real. We feel them... we share them. Joy, pain, sorrow, love, lust, anger, frustration... the whole list. They arent generated by a script. They come from inside us.

Where the big problem with this is that there are many in SL that do not think of the other avatars they are interacting with as having feelings. They forget that this is not a "game" to us. This is not totally "pretend". Sure... we do things we would never do in RL, or cannot do... but SL is in fact, an EXTENSION of our real lives. We take time out of real life to spend in Second Life.

And that is where the lines separating RL and SL blur even more. If SL is in fact an extension of our RL's... then by definition, they are inextricably linked. They cannot be separated. Ok... there are things we do not share with other people in both worlds about the other... but that is the case with anything.

I dont talk about everything that happens at home when I am at work. I dont talk about everything that happens at work when I am home. Same for school, groups of friends, etc... etc... etc.. Does that make them SEPARATE? No... it makes them different extensions of the same person's experiences and life. Different aspects.

So lets all get off the "I dont mix SL and RL" soapbox. We usually end up telling quite a bit to the people we get close to anyway.

No... I dont need to know your REAL name. No... I dont need to know what your REALLY look like. And no... you dont need to know any of that about me either.

End Rant...

A New Year... And New Me... A New Blog

Yeah well... I really didnt do much with the last blog now did I? That is mainly due to it being centered around my store, and I didnt do much with that either. Well... not as much as I would have liked to anyway.

But... Jo and I have some great ideas cookin right now that will hopefully pick things up. I have some new lines set to release in February, and Jo has some great promotions and events lined up. So stay tuned on that.

AND!!!! The Full Moon Saloon is back and kickin! Thanks to Jo on that one! I never would have done it without her. So come down and see us... it is always a good time with good friends.

As for me... well... meh. 2010 just sucked all around. Let's see... my account was hacked, then suspended by LL till they sorted it out. I almost didn't come back. Sometimes I wonder why I did... but then I remember why.

Sales went into the tank, friendships lost, loved ones slip away, and hearts broken. So yeah... I was glad to see 2010 go.

Things dont always turn out the way we want do they? I keep telling myself that "It's all good"... and "Things happen for a reason"... but even I can only buy those lines for so long.

So... I keep plugging away at it. Good days... Bad days. Good moments... Bad ones. But in the end, I am still here... somehow. I am just hoping that the good will start to outweigh the bad eventually.

So that is it for today. Great first post huh? LOL. Just wait, they will get better.

No... I am not this bitchy in person. This is where I plan on venting. And this... *giggles*... this is nothing!